Eva, Lucy, and Chandaleer band together to help Eddie out of her depression by getting her laid at a sex party. The plan fails miserably, and although Eddie meets a hot guy who is legitimately interested in her, she doubts him and flees. A week later, Eva reveals she’s single again; her boyfriend dumped her after she and Lucy went on sugar baby dates. Chandaleer says she’s broke and is forced to leave New York if she doesn't come up with some fast cash. Eva suggests the solution to Chandaleer's money trouble and her own heartbreak is doing sex work “for real,” both for the money and the power high, and hires an escort to talk to them all. Eddie is vehemently against it but agrees to build their business and online platform... for 30%. When the women get a call from their first client, everyone is paralyzed with fear. Chandaleer finally agrees to take the job as long as Eddie goes with her as her hot bodyguard.